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Belt car cover - Pillow

Belt car cover - Pillow

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Car pillow

          No More Neck Pain !

The ultimate solution for your child's comfort during car rides! Say goodbye to neck pain and discomfort with this innovative plush toy. Designed to securely attach to the seatbelt, it provides gentle support and cushioning, ensuring a pain-free journey for your little one. With the Car Seatbelt Plushie, you can relax and enjoy the ride knowing that your child is comfortable and protected



Product information: 

1. Prevent the neck from grinding, prevent the seat belt from wearing clothes.
2. Prevent the neck from sleeping in the car
3. Can be used as a waist support
4. Can be used as interior decoration

Size: 46cm x 20cm / 18.11inch x 7.87inch

Filling: pp cotton

Fabric: Crystal super soft

Product features:

  • no peculiar smell
  • no color fading
  • no lint
  • no pilling
  • soft texture
  • comfortable hand feel


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